# S8900 – Construction Ahead® 3 pc Suit

Yellow 3 Piece Suit
PVC on Polyester
Cape Back, Corduroy Collar
Bib Overalls, Detachable Hood
Extra full sizing to fit over work clothes
Sizes S – 8X


Also Available

# LS8900
Lime Green Suit
Sizes S – 5X

# LSP8900
Lime Green Suit with Elastic Waist Pants
Sizes S – 5X

A-8510WP Insulated Waist Pants
E.O.T.S.® Heavyweight Emergency Ponchos
PE Emergency Ponchos
# YP810 – Yellow Storm Poncho
# S8350 – Ribbed PVC, Construction Ahead Rainsuit
# RLS89 – Storm Stripes Lime Green Rainsuit
# RLC89 – Storm Stripes Lime Green Coat & Hood
# P89 – Storm Breaker® Pants
# C89 – Storm Breaker® Coat
# S89 – Storm Breaker® 3 pc Suit